Solve (2^(x)-1)(3^(x)-9)(sinx-cosx)(5^(x)-1)lt0, -pi//2 lt x lt 2pi.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations And Functions

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Solution :
We have <br> `(2^(x)-1)(3^(x)-9)(sinx-cosx)(5^(x)-1)lt0, -pi//2 lt x lt 2pi`. <br> `2^(x)-1=0 " if " x=0` <br> `3^(x)-9=0" if "x=2` <br> `sinx-cosx=0" if " tanx=1` <br> ` "or "x=(pi)/(4),(5pi)/(4)` <br> `5^(x)-1=0" if " x=0` <br> The sign scheme of expression `(2^(x)-1)(3^(x)-9)(sinx-cosx)(5^(x)-1)` is as shown in the following figure. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> When `x in (-pi//2,0),` each of the factors in the product is negative. <br> So, expression is positive for `x in (-pi//2,0)`. <br> At x = 0, sign is not changing as two factors vanishes at `x = 0, 2^(x)-1` and `5^(x)-1`. <br> From the sign scheme, we have `(2^(x)-1)(3^(x)-9)(sinx-cosx)(5^(x)-1) lt 0` for <br> `x in (pi//4,2)cup (5pi//4,2pi)`

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