Solve log_2|x-1|<1

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Logarithm

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Solution :
`log_2 |x-1| lt 1`<br> `=>|x-1| lt 2^1`<br> `=>|x-1| lt 2`<br> Case 1: When `x ge1`,<br> Then, `x -1 lt 2`<br> `=> x lt 3`<br> `:. x in [1,3)`<br> Case 2: When `x le 1`,<br> Then, `-x +1 lt 2`<br> `=> -x lt 1`<br> `=> x gt -1`<br> `:. x in (-1,1]`<br> So, common solution for these two cases will be,<br> `x in (-1,3).`<br>

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