Solve the differential equation (dy)/(dx)+ycotx=2cosx , given that y=0, when x=pi/2dot

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Board Paper Solutions

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Solution :
Comparing the given equation with first order differential equation,<br> `dy/dx+Py = Q(x)`, we get, `P = cotx and Q(x) = 2cosx`<br> So, Integrating factor `(I.F) = e^(intcotxdx)`<br> `I.F.= e^(ln|sinx|) = sinx`<br> we know, solution of differential equation,<br> `y(I.F.) = intQ(I.F.)dx`<br> `:.`Our solution will be,<br> `ysinx = int sinx(2cosx)dx`<br> `=>ysinx = int sin2xdx`<br> `=>ysinx = -cos(2x)/2+c`<br> At `y = 0 and x = pi/2`, equation becomes<br> `0 = -cospi/2 +c => c = -1/2`<br> So, solution will be,<br> `ysinx = -(cos2x)/2-1/2`<br> `=>2ysinx+cos2x+1 = 0`<br>

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