State which of the following statements are true (T) and which false (F): Point has a size because we can see it as a thick dot on paper. By lines in geometry, we mean only straight lines. Two lines in a place always intersect in a point. Any plane through a vertical line is vertical. Any plane through a horizontal line is horizontal. There cannot be a horizontal line is a vertical plane. All lines in a horizontal plane are horizontal. Two lines in a plane always intersect in a point. If two lines intersect at a point P , then P is called the point of concurrence of the two lines. If two lines intersect at a point p , then p is called the point of intersection of the two lines. If A ,\ B ,\ C\ a n d\ D are collinear points D ,\ P\ a n d\ Q are collinear, then points A ,\ B ,\ C ,\ D ,\ P\ a n d\ Q and always collinear. Two different lines can be drawn passing through two given points. Through a given point only one line can be drawn. Four points are collinear if any three of them lie on the same line. The maximum number of points of intersection of three lines in three. The minimum matching of the statements of column A and Column B .

Question from  Class 6  Chapter Basic Geometrical Concepts

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