The area (in sq. units) of the region described by A={(x,y):y ge x^(2) - 5x + 4, x+ y gt 1 , y le 0} is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Areas Of Bounded Regions

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The region described by <br> `A={(x,y):y ge x^(2)-5x+4,x+y ge 1, y le 0}` <br> is the shaded region shown in fig. 37. <br> Its area S is given by <br> `impliesS=underset(-2)overset(0)|x_(2)-x_(1)|dy=underset(-2)overset(0)int (x_(2)-x_(1))dy = underset(-2)overset(0)int {(5+sqrt(9+4y))/(2)-(1-y)}dy` <br> `implies S=(1)/(2)[(9)/(2)-(-10+(1)/(6)+4+4)]=(19)/(6)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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