The area of the circle and the area of a regular polygon of n sides and of perimeter equal to that of the circle are in the ratio of

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Properties And Solutions Of Triangle

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`tan((pi)/(n)): (pi)/(n)``cos ((pi)/(n)) : (pi)/(n)``sin.(pi)/(n): (pi)/(n)``cot((pi)/(n)): (pi)/(n)`

Answer :
Solution :
Let r be the radius of the circle and `A_(1)` be its area. Then `A_(1) = pir^(2)`. Since the perimeter of the circle is same as the perimeter of a regular polygon of n sides, we have `2pi r = na`, Where a is the length of one side of the regular polygon. Thus, <br> `a = (2pi r)/(n)` <br> Let `A_(2)` be the area of the polygon. Then, <br> `A_(2) = (1)/(4) na^(2) cot ((pi)/(n)) = (pi^(2) r^(2))/(n) cot ((pi)/(n))` <br> `rArr A_(1) : A_(2) = pi r^(2) : (pi^(2) r^(2))/(n) cot ((pi)/(n)) = tn ((pi)/(n)) : (pi)/(n)`

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