The base of an isosceles triangle is 12 cm and its area is 48 "cm"^(2). Find the equal sides of the triangle.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Herons'S Formula

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Solution :
Let length of equal sides be x cm. <br> `:.` a=x cm, b=x cm and c=12 cm <br> `s=(a+b+c)/(2)=(x+x+12)/(2)` <br> `= ((2x+12)/(2))` cm <br> `= (x+6)` cm <br> Area of triangle `=sqrt(s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c))` <br> `48=sqrt((x+6)(x+6-x)(x+6-x)(x+6-12))` <br> `48=sqrt((x+6)xx6xx6xx(x-6))` <br> `48=sqrt((x^(2)-36)xx36)` <br> Squaring both sides, <br> ` 48xx48=(x^(2)-36)xx36` <br> ` rArr " " x^(2)-36=(48xx48)/(36)` <br> `rArr " " x^(2)-36=64` <br> `rArr " " x^(2)=100` <br> or `" " x=+- 10` <br> Side of a triangle cannot be negative. <br> So, `" "` x=10 <br> Hence, length of equal sides are 10 cm each.

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