The curved surface area of a cone of height 8 m is 188.4 m^(2). Find the volume of cone.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Surface Area And Volume

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Solution :
`pi rl=188.4` <br> `rArr rl=(188.4)/(3.14)=60` <br> `rArr r^(2)l^(2)=3600` <br> `rArr r^(2)(h^(2)+r^(2))=3600` <br> `rArr r^(2)(64+r^(2))=3600` <br> `rArr r^(4)+64 r^(2)-3600 =0` <br> `rArr (r^(2)+100) (r^(2)-36) = 0` <br> `therefore r^(2)=-100` or `r^(2)=36 rArr r = 6` (`because r^(2) = -100` is nor possible) <br> `therefore` Volume of cone `=(1)/(3)pi r^(2)h` <br> `=(1)/(3)xx3.14xx36xx8` <br> `= 301.44 m^(3)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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