The equation ax^2 +2hxy + by^2=1,h^2!=ab represents ellipse or a hyperbola accordingly as h^2 < ab (or) h^2> ab. The length of the axis of the conic are related with the roots of the quadratic (ab-h^2)t^2 -(a+b)t+1=0. If t_1,t_2, are positive, then, lengths of the axes are 2sqrt(t_1) and 2sqrt(t_2) If t_1 gt 0 and t_2 lt 0 then, lengths of the transverse and conjugate axes are 2sqrt(t_1) and 2 sqrt(-t_2) The equation to the axes of the conic are (at_1-1)x+ht_1y=0 & (at_2-1)x+ht_2y=0 The eccentricity of the conic x^2+xy+y+y^2=1 is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Conic Sections

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