The equation of the hyperbola whose focus is (1,2), directrix is the line x+y+1=0 and eccentricity 3//2, is

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Hyperbola

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Solution :
Let `S(1,2)` be the focus and let `P(x,y)` be a point on the hyperbola. Draw perpendicular PM from `P` on the directrix `x+y+1=0`. By definition, we have <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `impliessqrt((x-1)^(2)+(y-2)^(2))=(3)/(2){(x+y+1)/(sqrt(1^(2)+1^(2)))}` <br> `implies(x-1)^(2)+(y-2)^(2)=(9)/(4){((x+y+1)^(2))/(2)}` <br> `implies8[(x-1)^(2)+(y-2)^(2)]=9[(x+y+1)^(2)]` <br> `impliesx^(2)+y^(2)=18xy+34x+50y-31=0`

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