The equation of the normal to the curve y= e^(-2|x|) at the point where the curve cuts the line x=-(1)/(2), is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Tangents And Normals

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` 2e(ex +2y)=4-e^(2) ` ` 2e(ex -2y)=e^(2)-4 ` ` 2e(ey -2x)=e^(2)-4 ` ` 2e(ey +2x)=e^(2)-4 `

Answer :
Solution :
The line `x=-(1)/(2) ` cuts the curve `y=e^(-2|x|)` at `y=e^(-1) ` <br> Thus, the coordinates of the point of intersection are `P(-1//2,1//e) .` <br> In the neighbourhood of `x =-(1)/(2),` we have <br> `y=e^(2x) ` as the equation of the curve. <br> ` therefore (dy)/(dx)=2e^(2x) rArr ((dy)/(dx))_(x=-(1)/(2))=(2)/(e) ` <br> Equation of the normal at `P (-1//2,1//e)` is <br> ` y-(1)/(e)=-(e)/(2) (x+(1)/(2))` <br> ` rArr 4ey-4=e(-2ex-e) rArr 2e(ex+2y)+e^(2)-4=0 `

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