The following steps are involvedd in finding the angles of the triangles ABC, when angleA: angleB: angleC=1:2:3. Arrange them in sequential order. <br> (A) Let the angle be angleA=x, angleB=2x and angleC=3x. <br> (B) Given angleA: angleB: angleC=1:2:3 <br> (C ) angleA=30^(@),angleB=2(30^(@))=60^(@) and angleC=3(30^(@))=90^(@). <br> (D) angleA+angleB+angleC=180^(@)implies x+2x+3x=180^(@) <br> (E ) 6x=180^(@)impliesx=30^(@)

Question from  Class 7  Chapter Geometry

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Answer :
Solution :
(B),(A),(D),(E ) and (C ) is the required sequential order. <br> Hence, the correct option is (c ).

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