The function f:[0,3] to [1,29], defined by f(x)=2x^(3)-15x^(2)+36x+1 is

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Functions

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one-one and ontoonto but not one-oneone-one but not ontoneither one-one nor onto

Answer :
Solution :
We have, `f(x)=2x^(3)-15x^(2)+36x+1` <br> `f'(x)=6x^(2)-30x+36=6(x-3)(x-2)` <br> `"Clearly", f'(x) gt 0" for x in (0,2)and f'(x) lt 0"For x" in (2,3)"` <br> So, f'(x) is increasing on (0,2) and decreasing (2,3). <br> Also, f(0)=1,f(2)=29 and f(3)=28 <br> As f is a continous function. So, it attains every value between its minimum value 1 and maximum value `f(2)=29`, So, f is onto and it is not one-one

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