The least function value of function f(x) =ax + b/x (where, a gt 0, b gt 0, x gt 0) is ……………………

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Application Of Derivatives

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Solution :
The least value of function f(x) = `ax+b/x` (where, `a gt 0, b gt0, x gt 0)` is `2sqrt(ab)`. <br> `therefore f^(')(x)= a-b/x^(2)` and `f^(')(x)=0` <br> `rArr a=b/x^(2)` <br> `rArr x^(2)=b/a rArr x = +- sqrt(b/a)` <br> Now, `f^('')(x)=-b. (-2)/x^(3)= +(2b)/(x^(3))` <br> At `x=sqrt(b/a)`, `f^('')(x) = +(2b)/(b/a)^(3//2)=(+2b.a^(3//2))/(b^(3//2))` <br> `=+2b^(-1//2).a^(3//2)=+2sqrt(a^(3)/b) gt 0` `[therefore a, b gt 0]` <br> `therefore` Least value of f(x), `f(sqrt(b.a))= a.sqrt(b/a) + b/(sqrt(b/a))` <br> `=a.a^(-1//2). b^(1//2)+b.b^(-1//2).a^(1//2)` <br> `=sqrt(ab) + sqrt(ab)=2sqrt(ab)`

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