The line 2x+3y=12 touches the ellipse (x^(2))/9+(y^(2))/4=2 at the points (3,2).

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Conic Sections

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Solution :
True <br> Given equation of line is <br> 2x+3y =12…(i) <br> and ellipse`(x^(2))/9+(y^(2))/4=2`….(ii) <br> Since, the equation of tangent at (`x_(1),y_(1)`) is `("xx"_(1))/9+(yy_(1))/4=2` <br> `therefore` Tangent at (3,2). <br> `(3x)/9+(2y)/4=2` <br> `rArr x/3+y/2=2` <br> `rArr 2x+3y=12` which is given line. <br> Hence, the statement is true.

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