The mean of 8 numbers is 25. if 5 is subtracted from each number, what will be the new mean ?

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Mean , Median And Mode Of Ungrouped Data

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Solution :
Let the given numbers be ` ,x_(1),x_(2),…,x_(3)` <br> Then, the mean of these numbers = `((x_(1) +x_(2) +….+x_(3))/8` <br> `(x_(1)+x_(2)+....+x_(3))/8=25Rightarrow(x_(1)+x_(2)+....+x_(8))=200` <br> The new numbers are `(x_(1) -5) ,(x_(2) -5) ,…..,(x_(8)-5)` <br> The new numbers are `((x_(1) -5) +(x_(2)-5) +......+(x_(8)-5))/ 8` <br> `((x_(1)+x_(2)+....+x_(3))-40)/8=(200-40)/8` <br> = ` 160/8 =20` <br> Hence, the new mean is 20.

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