The minimum number of times a fair coin needs to be tossed, so that the probability of getting at least two heads is at least 0.96 is :

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations And Functions

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Solution :
`p=1/2,q=1-1/2=1/2`<br> `P(r)=nC_r*p^r*q^(n-r)`<br> r success in n trials<br> Required probability=1-P(1)-P(0)<br> `P(1)=nC_1*(1/2)^11*(1/2)^(n-1)`<br> `P(1)=nC_1*(1/2)^n`<br> `P(0)=nC_0*(1/2)^0*(1/2)^n`<br> `=(1/2)^n`<br> `P=1-n*1/(2^n)-1/(2^n)`<br> `=1-1/(2^n)(n+1)>=0.96`<br> `=11-0.96>=1/(2^n)*(n+1)`<br> `0.04>=(n+1)/(2^n)`<br> `2^n/(n+1)>=25`<br> Which is possible when `n>=8`<br> `n=8`.

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