The number of diagonals of a regular polygon is 27. Then, find the measure of each of the interior angles of the polygon.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Quadrilaterals

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Solution :
Let number of sides of a polygon be n. <br> `implies" ""Number of diagonals"=(n(n-3))/(2)` <br> `therefore" "(n(n-3))/(2)=27` <br> `" "n(n-3)=54` <br> `{:(implies,n^(2)-3n-54=0,),(implies,(n-9)(n+6)=0,),(therefore,n-9=0orn+6=0,),(implies,n=9orn= -6,("no.of sides connot be negative")),(therefore,n=9,):}` <br> `therefore` It is a 9-sided polygon. <br> `therefore` Each interior angle `=((n-2))/(n)xx180^(@)=((9-2))/(9)xx180^(@)=140^(@)`

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