The number of four digit natural numbers which contains exactly two distinct digits, is (A) 567 (B) 576 (C) 657 (D) 675

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Jee Mains

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Solution :
The first (non-zero) digit of the number `F` (thousands digit) can be any one of nine.<br> The second digit `S` which is used if there are two digits can be any one of the nine digits different from the first.<br> Now consider the Hundreds Tens and Units digits in the case that there are two digits used in the number.<br> We have two possibilities `F` or `S` to fill each place but we exclude `FFF` as not involving two digits, so there are `2^3-1=7`<br> possible patterns with exactly two different digits and `9**9` ways of choosing the pair of digits in the first place.<br> Then there are `9` possibilities with just one digit.<br> So the required total is `9**9**7+9=576`.<br>

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