The pair of equations (p^(2) -1)x + (q^(2) -1) y + r=0 and (p+1) x + (q-1) y + r=0 have infinitely many solutions, then which of the following is true ?

Question from  Class 8  Chapter Linear Equations And Inequations

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`pq =0` `pq =-1``pq =1``pq=-2`

Answer :
Solution :
(i) Solve the given equations and get the conditions from them. <br> (ii) As they have infinitely many solutions, both equations represent a single line. <br> (iii) Compare the like terms, i.e., `(p^(2)-1)/(p+1)= (q^(2) -1)/( q-1) = (r )/(r) ` and obtain the required relation.

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