The solution set of the inequation |(1)/(x)-2| lt 4, is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Algebraic Inequations

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`(-oo, -1//2)``(1//6, oo)``(-1//2, 1//6)``(-oo, -1//2) cup (1//6, oo)`

Answer :
Solution :
We have, `|(1)/(x)-2| lt 4, x ne 0` <br> `rArr (|1-2x|)/(|x|) lt 4 rArr |2x-1| lt 4 |x|` <br> Now, three cases arise: <br> CASE I When `x ge 1//2`. In this case, we have `|2x-1| = 2x-1 " and " |x| =x` <br> `therefore |2x-1| lt 4|x|` <br> `rArr 2x-1 lt 4x rArr 2x gt -1 rArr x gt -(1)/(2)` <br> But, `x ge (1)/(2), " Therefore," x ge (1)/(2)` is the solution in this case. <br> CASE II When `0 lt x lt 1//2:` In this case, we have <br> `|2x-1| = -(2x-1) " and "|x|=x` <br> `therefore |2x-1| lt 4 |x|` <br> `rArr -(2x-1) lt 4x rArr 6x gt 1 rArr x gt (1)/(6)` <br> But, `0 lt x lt 1//2." Therefore, " x in (1//6, 1//2)` <br> CASE III When `x lt 0`: In this case, we have <br> `|x| = -x " and "|2x-1|=-(2x-1)` <br> `therefore |2x-1|lt 4|x|` <br> `rArr -(2x-1) lt -4x rArr 2x lt -1 rArr x lt -(1)/(2)` <br> As `x lt 0. " Therefore, " x in (-oo, -1//2)` is the solution set in this case. Hence, `x in (-oo, -1//2) cup(1//6, oo)`.

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