The sum of the infinite series cot^(-1)(7/4)+cot^(-1)((19)/4) +cot^(-1)((39)/4)....oo

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Jee Mains

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Solution :
Here, general term `T_r` can be wriiten as,<br> `T_r = cot^-1((4r^2+3)/(4)) = cot^-1(r^2+3/4)`<br> `=>T_r = tan^-1(1/(r^2+3/4)) = tan^-1(((r+1/2)-(r-1/2))/(1+r^2-1/4))`<br> `= tan^-1(((r+1/2)-(r-1/2))/(1+(r+1/2)(r-1/2)))`<br> We know, `tan^-1((x-y)/(1+xy)) = tan^-1x+tan^-1y`<br> `:. T_r = tan^-1(r+1/2) - tan^-1(r-1/2)`<br4> `:. T_1 = tan^-1 (3/2)-tan^-1 (1/2)`<br> `T_2 = tan^-1 (5/2)-tan^-1 (3/2)`<br> `T_3 = tan^-1 (7/2)-tan^-1 (5/2)`<br> `T_n = tan^-1 ((2n+1)/2)-tan^-1 ((2n-1)/2)`<br> So, the required sum will be,<br> `sum T_r = tan^-1((2n+1)/2) - tan^-1(1/2)`<br> `=pi/2-tan^-1(1/2)`<br> `:. sumT_r= cot^-1(1/2)`<br>

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