The value of 'k' for which one root of the equation x^2 - (k+1) x + k^2 + k - 8 = 0 exceeds 2 and the other is less than 2, are given by:

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations And Functions

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Solution :
Given equation is,<br> `x^2-(k+1)x+k^2+k-8 = 0`<br> It is a quadratic equation that have two different roots.<br> `:. D > 0`<br> `=>(k+1)^2 - 4(k^2+k-8) gt 0`<br> `=>k^2+2k+1-4k^2-4k+32 gt 0`<br> `=>-3k^2-2k+33 gt 0`<br> `=> 3k^2+2k-33 lt 0`<br> `=> 3k^2+11k-9k -33 lt 0`<br> `=>k(3k+11)-3(3k+11) lt 0`<br> `=>(k-3)(3k+11) lt 0`<br> It means, `k in (-11/3,3)->(1)`.<br> Now, at `x =2`, value of given equation should be `0`.<br> `:. 4-2(k+1)+k^2+k-8 lt 0`<br> `=>4-2k-2+k^2+k-8 lt 0`<br> `=> k^2-k -6 lt 0`<br> `=>k^2-3k+2k-6 lt 0`<br> `=>(k-3)(k+2) lt 0`<br> It means. `k in (-2,3)->(2)`<br> From (1) and (2), we can say that, value of `k` lies between `-2` and `3`. `:. -2 lt k lt 3`<br>

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