Three cards are drawn successively without replacement from a pack of 52 well-shuffled cards . What is the probability that first two cards are queens and the third card drawn is a king ?

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Probability

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Solution :
Let Q denote the vent that the card drawn is a queen and K be the event that the drawn is a king. Then, we have to find `P(Q QK)`. <br> Probability of drawing first queen is `P(Q)=4/52`. <br> Now, there are 3 queens in remaining 51 cards. <br> Let `P(Q//Q)` be the probability of getting the second queen with the condition that one queen has already been drawn. <br> `:. P(Q//Q)=3/51` <br> Lastly, `P(K//Q Q)` is probability of third drawn card to be a king, with the condition that two queens have already been drawn. <br> Now, there are 4 kings in remaning 50 cards. <br> `:. P(K//Q Q)=4/50`. <br> By multiplication law of probability, we have <br> `P(Q QK)=P(Q nn Q nn K)` <br> `=P(Q).P(Q//Q).P(K//Q Q)` <br> `=(4/52xx3/51xx4/50)=(1/13xx1/17xx2/25)=2/5525`. <br> Hence, the required probability is `2/5525`.

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