Use a suitable identity to get each of the following products. (i) (x+3)(x+3) (ii) (2y+5)(2y+5) (iii) (2a-7)(2a-7) (iv) ((3a)-1/2)((3a)-1/2) (v) (1.1m-0.4)(1.1m+04) (vi) (a^2+b^2)(-a^2+b^2) (viI) (6x-7)(6x+7) (vii) (-a+c)(-a+c) (viii) (x/2+(3y)/4)(x/2+((3y)/4) (ix) (7a-9b)(7a-9b)

Question from  Class 8  Chapter Algebraic Expressions And Identities

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Solution :
1)`(x+3)(x+3)=x^2+9+6x`<br> 2)`(2y+5)(2y+5)=4y^2+25+20y`<br> 3)`(2a-7)(2a-7)=4a^2+49-28a`<br> 4)`(3a-1/2)(3a-1/2)=9a^2+1/4-3a`<br> 5)`(1.1m-0.4)(1.1m+0.4)=1.21m^2-0.16`<br> 6)`(b^2+a^2)(b^2-a^2)=b^4-a^4`<br> 7)`(6x-7)(6x+7)=36x^2-49`<br> 8)`(x/2+(3y)/4)^2=x^2/4+(9y^2)/16+(3xy)/4`<br> 9)`(7a-9b)^2=49a^2+81b^2-126ab`.

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