Using section formula, show that the points A (2, 3, 4), B (1, 2, 1)and C(0,1/3,2)are collinear.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Introduction To Three Dimensional Geometry

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Solution :
Let `P(x,y,z)` is a point that divides the line joining `A` and `B` in ratio `k:1`. Then, `P(x,y,z) = ((kx_2+x_1)/(k+1),(ky_2+y_1)/(k+1),(kz_2+z_1)/(k+1))`<br> We are given a third point `C(0,1/3,2)`.<br> `C(0,1/3,2) = ((kx_2+x_1)/(k+1),(ky_2+y_1)/(k+1),(kz_2+z_1)/(k+1))`<br> If value of `k` is identical for all three coordinates, then `C` will be collinear with `A` and `B`.<br> First, we will check value of `k` for `x-`coordinate.<br> `(-k+2)/(k+1) = 0=> k = 2`<br> Now, value of `k` for `y-`coordinate,<br> `(2k-3)/(k+1) = 1/3 =>6k-9 = k+1=> 5k = 10=> k = 2`<br> Now, value of `k` for `z`-coordinate,<br> `(k+4)/(k+1) = 2=>k+4 = 2k+2=> k = 2`<br> So, value of `k` is same for all three coordinates for point `C`.<br> Thus, `A`,`B` and `C` are collinear and `C` is dividing the line `AB` in ratio `2:1` internally.<br>

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