Vertex (0,0), focus (-2,0)

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Conic Section

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Solution :
Here, vertex `O-=(0,0), "focus" S -=(-2,0)` <br> `:.` OS=2 <br> `rArr` Distance of directrix from vertex = 2 <br> Now, equation of directrix x=2 <br> `rArr` x-2=0 <br> Let P (x,y) be a varibale point on the parabola. <br> Now, distance of P from focus S <br> =perpendicular distance from P to the directrix <br> `rArrsqrt((x+2)^(2)+(y-0)^(2))=x-2` <br> `rArr(x+2)^(2)+y^(2)=(x-2)^(2)` <br> `rArr" "y^(2)=-8x`

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