Write down the contrapositive of the following statements. <br> (i) If x -y and y = 3, then x=3 . <br> (ii) If n is a natural number then n is an integer. <br> (iii) If all the three side of a triangle are equal, then the triangle is equilateral. <br> (iv) If x and y are negative integers, then xy is positive. <br> (v) If natural number n is divisible 6 by then is divisible by 2 and 3. <br> (vi) If it snows, then the weather will be cold. <br> (vii) If x is a real number such that 0 lt x lt 1, then x^(2) lt 1

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Mathematical Reasoning

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(i) If `x ne 3`, then `x ne y or y ne 3`. <br> (ii) If n is not an integer, then it is not a natural number. <br> (iii) If the triangle is not equailateral, then all three sides of the triangle are not equal,. <br> (iv) If xy is not positive integer,then either x or y is not negative integer. <br> (v) If natural number n is not divisible by 2 or 3 , then n is divisible by 6 . <br> Then weather wil not be cold, if it does not snow. <br> (vii) If `x^(2) lt 1`, then x is not a real number such that `0 lt x lt 1`.

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