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Two paarallel rail tracks run north-south Train A moves north with a speed of 54 km h^(-1) and train B moves south with a speed of 90 km h^(-1). What is the <br> a. relative velocity of B with respect to A? <br> b. relaity of a monkey running on the roof of the train A against its motion (with its velocity of 18 km h^(1) with respect ot the train A ) as observed by a man standing on the fround?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Kinematics-1

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Solution :
a. `vec v_(BA)=vec v_(B)-vec v_(A)` <br> Taking south direction as positive. `v_(BA)=90-(-54)=144 km h^(-1)` <br> Hence, velocity of train `A` w,r,t train `A` is `44 km h^(-1)` toward south. <br> b. Vilocity of train w.r.t `B` train `B` is `90 km h^(-1)` towards north. <br> c. `v_("monkey,hround")=`? <br> `vec v_(m,g)= vec v_(m,A)+vec v_(Ag)=18-54=-36 km h^(-1)` <br> Hence, velocity of monkey will be `36 km h^(-1)` toward north.`

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