Determine graphically, the vertices of the triangle formed by the lines <br> y=x, 3y=x and x+y=8

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables

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Solution :
Given linear equations are <br> `y=x " " ...(i)` <br> `3y=x " " ...(ii)` <br> and `X+y=8 " " ...(iii)` <br> For equation y=x, <br> If x=1, then y=1 <br> If x=0, then y=0 <br> If x=2, then y=2 <br> Table for line y=x, <br> `{:(" "x,0,1,2),(" "y,0,1,2),("Points","O","A","B"):}` <br> For equation x=3y , <br> If x=0, then y=0, if x=3, then y=1 and if x=6, then y=2 <br> Table for line x=3y, <br> `{:(" "x,0,3,6),(" "y,0,1,2),("Points","O","C","D"):}` <br> For equation `" " x+y=8 rArr y=8-x` <br> If x=0, then y=8, if x=8, then y=0 and if x=4, then y=4 <br> Table for line x+y=8,. <br> `{:(" "x,0,4,8),(" "y,8,4,0),("Points","P","Q","R"):}` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Plotting the points A(1, 1) and B(2, 2), we get the straight line AB. Plotting C(3, 1) and D(6,2), we get the straight line CD. Plotting the points P(0, 8), Q(4, 4) and R(8, 0), we get the straight line PQR. We see that lines AB and CD intersecting the line PR on Q and D,respectively. <br> So, `DeltaOQD` is formed by these lines. Hence, the vertices of the `DeltaOQD` formed by the given lines are O(0, 0), Q(4, 4) and D(6, 2).

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