Find the equation of the hyperbola whose eccentricity is (3)/(2) and whose foci are (+-2,0).

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Hyperbola

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Solution :
Since the foci of the given hyperbola are of the form `(+-c,0)` , it is a horizontal hyperbola . <br> Let the required equation be `(x^(2))/(a^(2))-(y^(2))/(b^(2))=1.` <br> Let the foci be `(+-c,0)` <br> then ,`c=2 [:' "foci are "(+- 2,0)].` <br> `therefore e=(c )/(a)hArra=( c)/(e)=(2)/((3//2))=(4)/(3).` <br> And ,`c^(2)=(a^(2)+b^(2))hArrb^(2)=(c^(2)-a^(2))=(4-(16)/(9))=(20)/(9).` <br> thus , `a^(2)=(16)/(9) and b^(2)=(20)/(9).` <br> Hence , the required equation is <br> `(x^(2))/(((16)/(9)))=(y^(2))/(((20)/(9)))=1hArr (9x^(2))/(16)-(9y^(2))/(20)=1hArr 45x^(2)-36y^(2)=80.`

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