Find the sum of the GP : <br> (i) sqrt(7)+sqrt(21)+3sqrt(7)+... to n terms <br> (ii) 1-1/3+1/3^(2)-1/3^(3)+... to n terms <br> (iii) 1-a+a^(2)-a^(3)+... to n terms (a ne 1) <br> (iv) x^(3)+x^(5)+x^(7)+... to terms <br> (v) x(x+y)+x^(2)(x^(2)+y^(2))+x^(3) (x^(3)+y^(3))+... to n terms

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Geometrical Progression

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Answer :
(i) `sqrt(7)/2 (sqrt(3)+1)(3^(n//2)-1)` (ii) `({3^(n)-(-1)^(n)})/(4xx3^((n-1)))` (iii) `({1-(-a)^(n)})/((1+a))` <br> (iv) `(x^(3)xx(x^(2n)-1))/((x^(2)-1))` (v) `(x^(2)(x^(2n)-1))/((x^(2)-1))+(xy(x^(n)y^(n)-1))/((xy-1))`
Solution :
(i) `a=sqrt(7) and r=sqrt(21)/sqrt(7)=sqrt(3)` <br> `:. S_(n)=(sqrt(7)xx{(sqrt(3))^(n)-1})/((sqrt(3)-1))xx((sqrt(3)+1))/((sqrt(3)+1))=sqrt(7)/2.(sqrt(3)+1)(3^(n//2)-1)` <br> (ii) `a=1` and `r=(-1)/3`. <br> `:. S_(n)=(1xx{1-((-1)/3)^(n)})/((1+1/3))=3/4xx{1-((-1)^(n))/3^(n)}=({3^(n)-(-1)^(n)})/(4xx3^((n-1)))`. <br> (iii) `A=1 and R=-a`. <br> `:. S_(n)=(Axx{1-R^(n)})/((1-R))=(1xx{1-(-a)^(n)})/((1+a))=({1-(-a)^(n)})/((1+a))` <br> (iv) `a=x^(3) and r=x^(5)/x^(3)=x^(2)`. <br> `:. S_(n)=(x^(3)xx{(x^(2))^(n)-1})/((x^(2)-1))=(x^(3)xx(x^(2n)-1))/((x^(2)-1))` <br> (v) Given expression <br> `={x^(2)+x^(4)+x^(6)+..."to n terms"}+{xy+x^(2)y^(2)+x^(3)y^(3)+..."to n terms"}` <br> `=x^(2) {1+x^(2)+x^(4)+..."to n terms"}+xy{1+xy+x^(2)y^(2)+..."to n terms"}` <br> `=(x^(2)xx1xx{(x^(2))^(n)-1})/((x^(2)-1))+(xyxx1xx{(xy)^(n)-1})/((xy-1))=(x^(2)(x^(2n)-1))/((x^(2)-1))+(xy(x^(n)y^(n)-1))/((xy-1))`.

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