In an examination, mark obatined by Rohan in two subject are x and y. The total marks in the two subjects is less than or equal to 150. The maximum of marks of each subject is 100. Find the sum of the minimum and the maximum values of 3x+4y. ( No negative marks in the examination )

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Linear Programming

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Solution :
`x+y le 150` <br> `x ge 0, y ge 0 and x le 100` <br> `y le 100` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> The shaded region is a closed convex polygon whose vertices are : <br> O(0,0), A(100,0) , B(100,50), C(50,100) and D (0,100). <br> f=3x+4y <br> The value off at O(0,0) is `=3xx0+4xx0=0` <br> The value off at A(100,0) is =300 <br> The value off at B(100,50) is 300+20=500. <br> The value off at C(50,100) is `=3xx50+4xx100=550` <br> THe value of f at D(0,100) is =0+400=400. <br> The sum of minimum value and maximum value =0+550=550

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