In the given figure, ACDB is the diameter of the circle such that AC=CD=DB. Three semicircles are drawn by taking AC,CD,and DB as diameters. What is the ratio of the area of shaded portion to the area of non-shaded portion?

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Areas Related To Circles

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Solution :
Area of shaded region=`pi/2(AB)^2/4-pi/2((AB)/3*1/2)^2`.<br> Area of non shaded region=`pi/2((AB)/2)^2+pi/2((AB)/3*1/2)^2`<br> Ratio=shaded/non shaded.<br> =`(pi/2(AB)^2/4-pi/2((AB)/3*1/2)^2)/(pi/2((AB)/2)^2+pi/2((AB)/3*1/2)^2)`<br> =`4/5`.

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