In the quadratic equation 4x^(2) - 2 ( a + c - 1) x + ac - b = 0 <br> (a gt b gt c)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Theory Of Equations

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both roots are greater then a both roots are less then c both roots lie between `c//2 and a//2` exactly one of the roots lies between `c//2 and a//2` .

Answer :
Solution :
Here, ` f(x) = (2x - a) (2x - c) + (2x - b)`. So <br> `f((a)/(2)) = a - b, f ((c)/(2)) = c - b` <br> Now, `f((a)/(2)) f ((c)/(2)) = (a - b) (c -b) lt 0 (a gt b gt c)` <br> Hence, exactly one of the roots lies between c/2 and a/2.

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