Obtain all zeros of (3x^4 -15x^3 + 13x^2 +25x -30), if two of its zeros aresqrt(5/3) and - sqrt(5/3).

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Polynomials

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Solution :
Here, `f(x) = 3x^4 - 15x^3+13x^2+25x - 30`<br> As, `sqrt(5/3) and -sqrt(5/3)` are two of the zeroes of the `f(x)`.<br> `:. (x - sqrt(5/3)) and (x+sqrt(5/3))` are the factors of `f(x)`.<br> `=>(x^2-5/3) ` is the factor of `f(x)`.<br> Now, we can write,<br> `3x^4 - 15x^3+13x^2+25x - 30 = 3x^2(x^2-5/3)-15x(x^2-5/3)+18(x^2-5/3)`<br> `= (x^2-5/3)(3x^2-15x+18)`<br> `= (3x^2-5)(x^2-5x+6)`<br> `= (3x^2-5)(x-2)(x-3)`<br> So, remaining zeroes of `f(x)` are `2` and `3`.<br>

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