Prove that the chords inclined on the same angle to the radius or diameter of a circle are equal in length. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Circle

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Solution :
Given: AB and AC are two chords of a circle with centre `O`, AN is the diameter of the circle and `angle BAN=angle CAN` <br> To Prove: `AB=AC` <br> Construction : Draw `OPbotAB` and `OQbotAC`. <br> Proof: In `Delta OPA` and ` Delta OQA`,<br> `because" "{(angleOPA,=,,angle OQA,("each "90^@)),(angleOAP,=,,angleOAQ,("given")),(OA,=,,OA,("common")):}` <br> `therefore Delta OPAcongDeltaOQA`(A.A.S.congruency) <br> `rArrOP=OQ` (c.p.c.t)

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