Prove that the distance between the circumcenter and the orthocenter of triangle ABC is R sqrt(1 -8 cos A cos B cos C)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Properties And Solutions Of Triangle

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Solution :
Let O and H be the circumcenter and the orthocenter, respectively. <br> If OF is the perpendicular to AB, we have <br> `angleOAF = 90^(@) - angle AOF = 90^(@) -C` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Also, `angleHAL = 90^(@) -C` <br> Hence, `angle OAH = A - angle OAF - angle HAL` <br> `= A -2 (90^(@) -C)` <br> `= A + 2C -180^(@)` <br> `= A + 2C -(A + B +C) = C -B` <br> Also, `OA = R and HA = 2R cos A` <br> Now in `Delta AOH` <br> `OH^(2) = OA^(2) + HA^(2) - 2OA HA cos (angle OAH)` <br> `=R^(2) + 4R^(2) cos^(2) A - 4R^(2) cos A cos (C -B)` <br> `= R^(2) + 4R^(2) cos A [cos A - cos (C -B)]` <br> `=R^(2) -4R^(2) cos A [cos (B + C) + cos (C - B)]` <br> `= R^(2) -8R^(2) cos A cos B cos C` <br> Hence, `OH = R sqrt(1-8 cos A cos B cos C)`

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