Represent sqrt(7)on the number line.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Number Systems

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Solution :
as we can rewrite, `sqrt 7 = sqrt((2)^2 + sqrt(3)^2)` <br> and, `sqrt3 = sqrt((sqrt2)^2 + 1^2)` <br> draw a perpendicular at 1 unit <br> hypotenuse will be `sqrt2` <br> then circle will be drawn of radius `sqrt2` <br> now, 1 unit line is again drawn at point with hypotenuse of `sqrt3` <br> now, circle will be drawn of `sqrt3` <br> now draw perpendicular line of 2 units with hypotenuse `sqrt7` <br> now draw a circle with it witl radius `sqrt7` <br> the point on number line where it intersect is the point `sqrt7`

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