The area of a regular polygon of n sides is (where r is inradius, R is circumradius, and a is side of the triangle) (n R^2)/2sin((2pi)/n) (b) n r^2tan(pi/n) (n a^2)/4cotpi/n (d) n R^2tan(pi/n)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Properties And Solutions Of Triangle

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`(nR^(2))/(2) sin ((2pi)/(n))``nr^(2) tan ((pi)/(n))``(na^(2))/(4) cot.(pi)/(n)``nR^(2) tan((pi)/(n))`

Answer :
Solution :
Area of polygon `= nxx` Area of `DeltaOBC` <br> `=(na^(2))/(4) "cot:(pi)/(n)`..(i) <br> Now, `a = 2r "tan" (pi)/(n)` <br> `rArr` Area of polygon `= nr^(2) tan ((pi)/(n))` [from Eq. (i)] <br> Also, `a = 2R "sin" (pi)/(n)` <br> `rArr = (nR^(2))/(2) sin ((2pi)/(n))` [from Eq. (i)] <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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