The distinct linear functions which map [-1,1] onto [0,2] are

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Functions

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`f(x)=x+1,g(x)=-x+1``f(x)=x-1,g(x)=x+1``f(x)=-x-1,g(x)=x+1`None of these

Answer :
Solution :
Let f(x)=ax+b be the required linear function. Then, f(x) is either strictly increasing or strictly decreasing <br> `therefore f'(x) gt 0 or, f'(x)lt0"for all " x in[-1,1]` <br> `Rightarrowagt 0 or, alt 0` <br> CASE-I When `a gt 0` <br> In this case f(x) =ax+b is strictly increasing and maps `[-1,1] onto [0,2]`. Therefore. <br> `f(-1)=0 and f(1)=2` <br> `Rightarrow -a+b=0 and a+b=2 Rightarrow a=b=1` <br> `therefore f(x)=x+1` <br> Case-II When `a lt 0` <br> In this case, f(x) is strictly decreasing and maps `[-1,1]"to" [0,2]` <br> Therefore, f(-1)=2 f(1)=0 <br> `Rightarrow -a+b=2 and a+b=0 Rightarrow a=-1, b=1` <br> `therefore f(x)=-x+1`

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