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The mean and standard deviation of marks obtained by 50 students of a class in three subject, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are given below:Subject      Mathematics         Physics                Chemistry                           Mean            42                             32                          40.9Standard       12                            15                          20DeviationWhich of the three subjects shows the highest variability in marks and which shows the lowest?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Statistics

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Solution :
Here, we will calculate coefficient of variation which is given by,<br> `C.V. = (S.D.)/(barX)**100`<br> Here, `S.D.` is the standard deviation and `barX` is the mean.<br> `:.` Coefficient of variation for Mathematics `= 12/42**100 = 200/7 = 28.57`<br> Coefficient of variation for Physics`= 15/32**100 = 375/8 =46.875`<br> Coefficient of variation for Chemistry`= 20/40.9**100 ~= 49`<br> As coefficient of variation for Chemistry is highest, it shows highest variability.<br> As coefficient of variation for Mathematics is lowest, it shows lowest variability.<br>

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