The mean of five numbers is 30. If one number is excluded, their mean becomes 28. The excluded number is

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Statistics And Probability

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Let `x_(1), x_(2), x_(3), x_(4)` and `x_(5)` be five numbers and one of the exluded number is `x_(5)`. <br> Given, mean of the five numbers = 30 <br> `rArr (x_(1)+x_(2)+x_(3)+x_(4) + x_(5))/(5)=30` <br> `rArr x_(1) + x_(2) + x_(3) + x_(4)=150` <br> `rArr x_(1)+x_(2)+x_(3)+x_(4)=150 - x_(5)` <br> On dividing both sides by 4, we get <br> `(x_(1)+x_(2)+x_(3)+x_(4))/(4)=(150-x_(5))/4`..........(i) <br> Given, mean of the four numbers =28 <br> `therefore (150-x^(5))/4=28` (from Eq. (i)) <br> `rArr 150-x_(5)=112` <br> `rArr x_(5)=150-112` <br> `rArr x_(5)=38` <br> Hence, the exluded number is 38.

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