Through the mid-point M of the side CD of a parallelogram ABCD, the line BM is drawn, intersecting AC in L and AD produced in El. Prove that EL= 2BL <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Triangles

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Solution :
In triangles BMC and DME, <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `triangleBMM cong triangleEMD` ( ASA criterion) <br> BC=ED (corresponding parts of congruent triangle)….(1) <br> BC=AD (opposite sides of a prallelogram) ..(2) <br> Adding (1) and (2) , we get <br> `2BC=DE+AD Rightarrow2BC= AE` <br> ` Rightarrow (BC)/(AE)=1/2` ....(3) <br> Now in `triangle BCL and triangleEAL` <br> `angle5=angle6 ` (alternate `angles` as BC||AE) <br> `angle7= angle8` ( vertically opposite angles) <br> `triangleBCL~ triangleEAL` (AA corollary) <br> ` (BC)/(EA)=(BL)/(EL)` (corresponding sides of similar triangles are proportional) ...(4) <br> `1/2 =(BL)/(EL)` [ from (3) and (4) ] <br> EL=2BL Hence proved.

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