Using the formula cos (A+B) = cosA cosB -sin A sin B. find the value of sin 15^(@).

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Introduction To Trigonometry

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Solution :
We can find the vlaue of cosine of an angle from the given formula . So first of all we will convert `sin15^(@)` into the cosine of some angle and then use the given formula . <br> `:. sin15^(@)=sin(90^(@)-75^(@))=cos75^(@)` <br> so , put `A=45^(@)andB=30^(@)` in the given formula, <br> `:.cos(45^(@)+30^(@))=cos45^(@)cos30^(@)-sin45^(@)sin30^(@)` <br> `rArrcos75^(@)=(1)/(sqrt(2))xx(sqrt(3))/(2)-(1)/(sqrt(2))xx(1)/(2)` <br> `rArrcos(90^(@)-15^(@))=(sqrt(3))/(2sqrt(2))-(1)/(2sqrt(2))` <br> `rArrsin15^(@)=(sqrt3-1)/(2sqrt(2))`

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