Which term of the GP sqrt(3), 1/sqrt(3), 1/(3sqrt(3)), 1/(9sqrt(3)), ... Is 1/(729sqrt(3)) ?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Geometrical Progression

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Solution :
In the given `GP`, we have `a=sqrt(3)` and `r=(1/sqrt(3)xx1/sqrt(3))=1/3`. <br> Let its nth term be `1/(729sqrt(3))`. Then, <br> `T_(n)=1/(729sqrt(3))rArr ar^((n-1))=1/(729 sqrt(3))` <br> `rArr sqrt(3)xx(1/3)^((n-1))=1/(729sqrt(3))` <br> `rArr 1/3^((n-1))=1/((729xx3))=1/2187=1/3^(7)` <br> `rArr n-1=7 rArr n=8`. <br> Hence, the 8th term of the given GP is `1/(729sqrt(3))`

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