DeltaABC में, angleC अधिक कोण हे|कोण A और B के बाह्य समद्विभाजक , भुजा BC तथा AC को बिंदु D तथा E पर मिलते हे| यदि AB=CD हे, तब angleACB=?

Question from  Class 14  Chapter Geometry And Co-Ordinate

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According to question, <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Let `angleCAB=x` and `angleCBA=y` <br> `rArr angleCAD=(180-x)/2 = 90-x/2` <br> and `angleEBC=(180-y)/2 = 90-y/2` <br> also `angleAEB=angleEAB=x` <br> `(therefore` AB=EB `rArr` ABE is an isosceles triangle) <br> and `angleADB = angleABD`=y(therefore AB=AD `rArr` ADB, is an isoceles triangle) <br> In `DeltaAEB`, <br> `angleAEB + angleABE + angleBAE = 180^(@)` <br> `x+x+y+90-y/2=180^(@)` <br> `rArr =4x+y=180^(@)` <br> Similarly in `DeltaADB` <br> `4x+y=180^(@)` <br> `rArr 4y+x+4x+y=180^(@)+180` <br> `rArr x+y=72^(@)` <br> In triangle ABC, <br> `rArr angleACB=180-72=108^(@)`

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