If y=f(x) is a monotonic function in (a,b), then the area bounded by the ordinates at x=a, x=b, y=f(x) and y=f(c)("where "c in (a,b))" is minimum when "c=(a+b)/(2). <br> "Proof : " A=overset(c)underset(a)int(f(c)-f(x))dx+overset(b)underset(c)int(f(c))dx <br> =f(c)(c-a)-overset(c)underset(a)int(f(x))dx+overset(b)underset(a)int(f(x))dx-f(c)(b-c) <br> rArr" "A=[2c-(a+b)]f(c)+overset(b)underset(c)int(f(x))dx-overset(c)underset(a)int(f(x))dx <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CEN_CAL_C09_E06_005_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> Differentiating w.r.t. c, we get <br> (dA)/(dc)=[2c-(a+b)]f'(c)+2f(c)+0-f(c)-(f(c)-0) <br> For maxima and minima , (dA)/(dc)=0 <br> rArr" "f'(c)[2c-(a+b)]=0(as f'(c)ne 0) <br> Hence, c=(a+b)/(2) <br> "Also for "clt(a+b)/(2),(dA)/(dc)lt0" and for "cgt(a+b)/(2),(dA)/(dc)gt0 <br> Hence, A is minimum when c=(a+b)/(2). <br> If the area enclosed by f(x)= sin x + cos x, y=a between two consecutive points of extremum is minimum, then the value of a is

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`f(x)= sin x + cos x` <br> `"or "(df(x))/(dx)=cos x- sin x` <br> `"If "(df(x))/(dx)=0," then " cos x= sin x rArr x=(pi)/(4) and x=(5pi)/(4)` <br> (considering any two of consecutive points of extremum). <br> For minimum area bounded by `y=f(x) and y=a,` between <br> `x=(pi)/(4) and x=(5pi)/(4),` graphs of g(x) must cut y =a at <br> `c=((pi)/(4)+(5pi)/(4))/(2)=(3pi)/(4).` <br> `a=f((3pi)/(4))` <br> `rArr" "a=sin ((3pi)/(4))+cos ((3pi)/(4))=0.`

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