In Fig 10.33, ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral in which AC and BD are its diagonals. If /_D B C\ =\ 55oand \ /_B A C\ =\ 45o, find BCD

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Circles

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Solution :
We create a figure with the given details.<br> We are given,<br> `/_BAC = 45^@ and /_DBC = 55^@`<br> We know, angles subtended by a common chord are always equal at any point of the circle.<br> So,`/_CAD=/_DBC = 55^@`<br> `/_BAD = /_CAD+/_BAC = 55+45 = 100^@`<br> We know, sum of opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilaterl is `180^@`.<br> `/_BAD+/_BCD = 180=>/_BCD = 180-100 =80^@`<br>

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