In figure, P is the mid-point of side BC of a parallelogram ABCD such that angleBAP=angleDAP. Prove that AD = 2CD. ltBrgt <img src="" width="80%">

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Quadrilaterals

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Solution :
Given In a parallelogram ABCD, P is mid-point of BC such that `angleBAP=angleDAP`. <br> To prove `" "AD=2CD" "` <br> Proof Since, ABCD is a parallelogram. ltBrgt So, AD`||`BC and AB is transversal, then <br> `" "angleA+angleB=180^(@)" "`[sum of cointerior angles is `180^(@)`] <br> `rArr" "angleB=180^(@)-angleA" "...(i)` <br> In `Delta`ABP, `" "anglePAB+angleB+angleBPA=180^(@)" "`[by angle sum property of triangle] <br> `rArr" "(1)/(2)angleA+180^(@)-angleA+angleBPA=180^(@)" "` [from Eq. (i)] <br> `rArr" "angleBPA-(angleA)/(2)=0` <br> `rArr" "angleBPA=(angleA)/(2)" "...(ii)` <br> `rArr" "angleBPA=angleBAP` <br> `rArr" "AB=BP` [opposite sides of equal angles are equal] <br> On multiplying both sides by 2, we get <br> `" "2AB=2BP` <br> `rArr" "2AB=BC" "` [since P is the mid-point of BC] ltBrgt `rArr" "2CD=AD` <br> `" "`[since, ABCD is a parallelogram, then AB=CD and BC =AD]

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